CI Status

This page shows current status of CI jobs that:

  • are scheduled to run repeatedly, instead of started by human actions,

  • are expected to be stable and keep succeeding,

  • do not display result status on PRs.

The status badges are organized by repository where the github workflow is stored.


Anaconda Web UI

Refresh Fedora and CentOS Stream container images

Fedora and CentOS Stream CI test container images, built daily. The containers are used in unit and rpm tests.

Refresh ELN container images

Same as above but for ELN. It is expected this can often fail.

Test releasing and translations daily

Tests the release process daily, including checks for missing important translations.

Make a Rawhide release automatically

Makes a Rawhide release automatically with no human oversight for the upstream/non-Fedora part of the process.

Run unit and RPM tests daily

Runs unit and RPM tests every day, independent of any changes to code or containers.

Update translations

Updates translations weekly, by opening a PR that bumps the pinned hash used to download when building RPMs.

The PR runs the usual tests, where potential failures caused by translation changes are caught.


Checks Anaconda dependencies and opens pull requests for new versions.


Build and push containers

CI test container images, built daily. Reused by daily kickstart test runs as well as kickstart tests on PRs.

Build and test daily RHEL boot.iso

Build RHEL 8 boot.iso every day.

Build daily Rawhide+COPR boot.iso

Build Rawhide boot.iso every day.

Daily run

Daily kickstart test runs. This tries to execute all tests in three scenarios: Rawhide, RHEL 8, and RHEL 9.

Given the volume of kickstart test suite, failures are still numerous.


Automate pot file creation

Update translation definitions (.pot, msgid) from the anaconda repository. Weblate automatically picks up the results from the repo.